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Heather's work also extends outside the studio. She has extensive experience in Arts Administration with a specialty in Program Development. She has created and developed programs such as BPMI Dance, the Hybridmotion Training Program, and co/motion dance + movement intensive, where she still acts as Director. Heather has lent her talents to many companies and organizations including Hybridmotion Dance Theatre, GALLIM, and The Partnering Lab at Northeastern University. She regularly freelances as an Administrator and will act as a Consultant for other movement intensives and programs.




BPMI Dance is a program created by Heather Easley in 2019. It exists at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee and Berklee College of Music with the purpose of bridging the gap between student life and professional life.  The program gives dancers and choreographers the opportunity to perform at music festivals across the country.  The goal of the program is to help students develop skills in directing, managing, working with an artist and production team, as well as providing them with real world experience to enhance their craft. The program still exists today.




Training Program

The Hybridmotion Training Program was created in 2020 to serve a group of professional dancers looking to find active ways to continue training while staying safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Classes invited participants into the movement language of Hybridmotion Dance Theater.  Participants also had the opportunity to work with guest artists and teach community classes themselves in order to further their teaching experience.  The program also offered professional seminars in financial literacy, physical therapy, and more.


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co/motion is a 6 day dance and movement intensive in Boston, MA. The intensive held it's first year of programming in 2021. Classes include Somatic Ballet, Upside Down, Contemporary, and a fourth class that changes annually to give participants experience in the ways their training can manifest in other areas. co/motion aims to decentralize the idea that every dancer should have classic technique training, but rather celebrates movement artists of all backgrounds.  Emerging and established professional dancers are invited to experiment fully and honestly.


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