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This work is intended for any student ages 8-18 at any level in their dance training. Heather enjoys working with students who are eager to grow, try new ideas, and share their artistry.

Heather has been working with aspiring young dancers since 2016. She believes deeply that dance teaches more than just movement to the next generation, and hopes to foster the artistic spirit of every child and teenager she works with.


Her teaching approach has reached many students across the US, both in and outside of the studio. Along with being a studio instructor and Boston Conservatory Dance faculty, Heather has mentored young students looking to pursue a career in professional dance, brought her expertise to roles as a competition judge, and has also led a youth program that fostered leadership through dance in elementary schools in the central Ohio area. 

Heather's choreography can be seen in music videos, dance films, concerts, and performances. She has won many titles and awards for her pieces. She has been nominated for the Industry Dance Awards in "Best Contemporary" in 2021, 2022, and 2023, and was named "Best Choreographer" at Turn It Up Dance Challenge Nationals in 2023. Her soloists have placed highly at competitions and currently hold Top 12 Contemporary solos with YAGP.

Heather teaches and choreographs for all ages and levels in Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Musical Theater, Conditioning, Technique, Partnering, Improvisation, and Composition.