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Heather's biggest joy will always be sharing space with other artists. In working with preprofessional and professional movers, Heather's cup is always replenished. She loves sharing her perspective and unique take on movement, combined by many backgrounds of training, with those in her classes.

Heather began working with advanced level dancers in 2020 as an instructor with the Hybridmotion Training Program. Shortly after, Heather became a substitute at Arizona State Unviersity in the Dance Division. In 2022, Heather joined the Dance Division faculty at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee. She is also a member of The Boston Conservatory's Summer Dance Intensive staff. Her choreography has been premiered at The Paramount Theater in Boston, MA, in music videos, and stage performances. Her choreography credits include HBO, Cirque du Soleil collaborations, Berklee Dancing With The Stars, and Berklee College of Music's Honorary Doctorate Concert, where Heather choreographed the Roberta Flack set.

Her classes are heavily influenced by rigor, anatomy, and angular momentum - meaning, in class, students will be asked to challenge themselves to move fully, learn how to use their bodies efficiently, whiile maintaining safety, and tap into the natural spiral sensation that inherently exists within our bodies. Heather's movement style heavily draws on techniques originating in Release Technique and Capoeira to develop her own method of movement and Floorwork.



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